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I liked the positioning of this Chacma Baboon next to his skeleton in the Hall of Primates at AMNH. It's another hall with lots of interesting drawing fodder that I plan to return to.
On my visit to South Africa last winter we went to Kruger National Park and had various run ins with very cheeky baboons that have become a menace in the camps. One afternoon my son and I were resting in the cottage bedroom at Skukuza camp while our friends had gone out on a game drive. The screen door to the cottage was shut but the wooden door was open for air. We heard a loud clatter, clatter sound coming from the kitchen area. I assumed our friends had returned and were making a terrible ruckus for some reason. I called out to them and when I got no reply I got suspicious and went to see what was happening. I discovered a huge baboon with a torso the size of a large man sitting on the counter eating fruit from the fruit bowl while his two henchmen were on the ground below. I got a fright and went back in the bedroom and shut the door. Then I realized my friends would kill me if I let the baboons eat all our fruit which we'd brought from home, was supposed to last the whole week and was impossible to come by in the park. So I just had to be brave. I went back out and waved my arms and shouted. He looked at me for a second or two, sizing up if he had to take me seriously or not, and then decided he did and ran out of the cottage with his friends. We learned then that baboons can open screen doors. Apparently they can open refrigerators too.

Size: 8 x 18 inches