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One of the 'old school' exhibits is the Birds of New York. It's a very quiet space to draw in as almost nobody lingers.

But while drawing these ducks a young boy of about 12 sat down next to me and watched quietly for a few minutes. I started chatting to him and found out he was from the Viennese Boys Choir, on a 6 week singing tour of the US. Unlike our American teens and tweens who are never left to roam free through the museum by their teachers, these boys had been given a time to meet the bus and were on their own in the museum. He watched and chatted to me for at least half an hour. I really admired this little boy so much: his calm, his maturity, his efforts to have a conversation in English. When he finally was ready to move on he asked me what I recommend he sees. He had seen all the big halls already. In the end he decided on the Hall of Woodland and Plains Indians. I wish we in the US would give our 12 year olds the freedom to roam like this little Austrian boy had rather than barking at them to move along in large groups, not interact with strangers and not have any chance to explore a fascinating museum at their will.

Size: 14 x 20 inches